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Many young singers take part in the 'Shahar' Choir, coming from all over the central part of israel for rehearsals. All the singers of the Choir are busy people: soldiers, students, or full time employees (even in hi-tech or other stressfull and demanding jobs), and yet - all find time, usually during the weekends, for rehearsals.

'Shahar' Choir performs in many concerts and festivals around the country, collaborating with the best ensembles and soloists of Israel. In their performances, 'Shahar' specializes in performing Baroque music, as well as modern and original music.

Candidates who are inexperienced in singing, enjoy an opportunity to train and develop there singing and musical skills within the choir, alongside professional and other well-trained singers, and under the instruction of the experienced conductor and educator Gila Brill.

Would you like to hear more about 'Shahar' choir? please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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